5 major types of helmets

Time: July 5th at 2:53pm

1、 Helmet type


Motorcycle helmets come in various shapes, but they are basically inseparable from these five categories: "full helmet", "half helmet", "facelift helmet", "combination helmet", and "off-road helmet". Different helmet types are suitable for different styles of motorcycles, but the safety level of each helmet type is also different.


Full helmet


A full helmet, as the name suggests, is a fully enclosed helmet. Except for the windshields that can be opened and closed, all other parts are tightly fitted, making it one of the safer helmet types; In terms of safety, its closure ensures the overall structural strength, and at the same time, the internal buffering components can be filled into each part without gaps; In terms of design, the full helmet adopts an integrated design scheme, which can more easily reduce wind resistance and improve the firmness of the helmet; In terms of noise control, a full helmet is more conducive to controlling the noise during cycling because there are no too many gaps. However, its drawbacks are also obvious. Firstly, it is inconvenient to speak. No matter where you ride, you will encounter language communication problems. A full helmet can only lift the lenses at most, but because the mouth is still blocked by the helmet, it still needs to speak loudly for others to hear clearly; Secondly, when you park and want to smoke, drink water, or eat, you have to take it off every time, which can be quite troublesome; Thirdly, it is relatively hot because of the integrated structure. Even if you add a reasonable air duct on the helmet, it can only cool your head during cycling. However, when waiting for traffic lights, there is no wind to cool down, which feels very sour and refreshing.


2. Half helmet


(1) A 3/4 helmet, excluding the facial and chin parts, only retains 3/4 of the head. This type of helmet has basic protection and is easy to wear, but its drawbacks are also significant. The safety of this helmet is relatively poor, as it only protects part of your head, without any protection for the face and chin, and there is a possibility of braking after a car fall.


(2) Guapi helmets were originally commonly used by pilots in the past. You can take a look at pilots during World War II, all of whom were Guapi helmets. Nowadays, they are more commonly seen in Harley Knights and some Prince Knights, with leather pants and leather vests, a big beard tied around the neck, and a strong Harley wind blowing in the face. The advantages are self-evident, and chatting and drinking do not affect it. Apart from basic protection, they are also rare decorations. However, this type of helmet is still commonly seen in electric bike riders nowadays, perhaps because it is the most convenient and not too hot reason. The disadvantages are still worth mentioning? It's not much different from not wearing a helmet, but an accident will make your head look more intact.


3. Peel off helmet


Peel off helmets can be considered as a deformation of full helmets, but the front half of the helmet is made into a module that can be opened, closed, and rotated. Generally speaking, facelift helmets are more common in motorcyclists and urban cycling because they are mostly equipped with dual lenses. In summer, when cycling or other lights, the mask can be pushed up and the sunglasses can be pulled down, making it convenient for motorcyclists to ask for directions and drink water when going out. The advantage is that there are many genuine faces. After the mask is pulled down, safety is also guaranteed to a certain extent. Although the rigidity is slightly worse than full helmets, structurally reasonable facelift helmets also have excellent protection, after all, they can provide comprehensive protection for the head. The surrounding protection of the helmet, but the disadvantage of the helmet is that it rotates the face, resulting in a decrease in overall rigidity and safety performance; Secondly, modules such as sunglasses and metal fasteners have been added, increasing the overall weight; Thirdly, in order to cater to the applicable scenarios, the facelift helmet often uses sliding buckles for fixation, but the safety of the sliding buckles is not as good as that of the double D-buckles, which may cause the buckle to fall off when the car is thrown.


4. Combination helmet


The combination helmet, as the name suggests, is a modular combination helmet. Some well-known helmets in China include BELL's rogue helmet, SHARK's and Scorpion's ghost helmet. Combination helmets are derived from half helmets, such as this rogue helmet, which is actually a variant of the melon skin helmet. On the basis of the melon skin helmet, the back brain cover and mouth cover are added, while the ghost helmet is derived from the 3/4 helmet and adds a mask component


The purpose of this type of helmet is actually to break through the inherent form of a half helmet and find its sales points on more car models. For example, if you used to think that the Guapi helmet was only suitable for the Harley, but you bought a new retro model with a less authentic style, then you may choose this rogue helmet or ghost helmet; While being suitable for more car models, there has been a certain improvement in safety. Although this improvement is negligible, there is indeed a certain degree of improvement. After all, there are some modules that can provide protection. Of course, the disadvantage is also obvious. Firstly, safety is insufficient because modularization leads to too many connection parts, and the strength of the connection parts is generally limited, which can cause detachment in the event of accidents or provide limited protection during the first impact. However, after the deformation of the connection parts, the protection strength of the second impact cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, this helmet type is suitable for low-speed cycling in cities, which is both handsome and fashionable.


5. Off road helmet


The appearance of off-road helmets differs significantly from that of regular helmets, with the most obvious being the addition of a brim and increased mouth space, which require the use of independent windshields. This time, we won't talk too much about off-road helmets because they are more professional. We will mainly talk about a variant of off-road helmets - the pull helmet.


The appearance of a rally helmet is similar to that of an off-road helmet, but it solves the problem of independent windshields and mouth. Off road helmets are mainly suitable for off-road fields, with low speed and no need to consider wind resistance too much. However, rally helmets are not. Rally helmets are mainly suitable for motorcycles and some unpaved roads, all of which combine the advantages of off-road helmets. Then, they are integrated with ordinary road helmets, retaining the need for additional windshields and an integrated design. The unique brim of the off-road helmet is added, ensuring the usability of different weather conditions and road conditions during motorcycles. The brim can block rain and sun, but it increases wind resistance during high-speed driving, so the rally helmet Is the helmet suitable for oneself? I have to try it myself


In short, how to choose a helmet mainly depends on what type of bike you like to ride and what kind of occasions you ride it in. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which one is suitable for you.